Cute mum & baby photoshoot goes very badly


"How wrong can a lovely photoshoot between a mother and her toddler go?" we hear you ask

Well, really QUITE wrong:






And that’s why children are weird and gross, everyone.

The MI6 tea run.

The MI6 tea run.


4 time host Lindsay Lohan

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What. The fuck.


What. The fuck.


Submission - Unofficial Maps: Redesigned Metro Maps of the World

Submitted by Jug Cerovic, who says:

I completed a set of new schematic metro maps of 12 cities using a common standard. I have tried to make easy to read, memorize and use maps but at the same time pleasant looking. Crowded centers are enlarged and specific features such as ring lines highlighted.

You can see all the maps here.


Transit Maps says:

You all know that I love an ambitious transit mapping project, and this is up there with the most ambitious I’ve seen. Jug has taken twelve of the most iconic metro maps out there — New York, Mexico City, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo — and redesigned them all using a standardised design style, font (looks like DIN) and square format.

Despite the common language, the maps still manage to look unique to their city: no easy feat! Jug has managed to impart a very stylish feel to the maps by the use of large, sweeping curves instead of tight angles. There’s some nice information hierarchy too, with Metro/Subway/U-Bahn lines getting full, bright colours while commuter rail/S-Bahn lines are rendered in muted pastel colours.

I would say that some of the maps are more successful than others (Moscow falls a bit flat for me, while New York is incredibly dense and crowded), but this is still an outstanding example of strong unifying design principles applied well across a wide variety of different transit maps.

You should definitely head over to the project website to view and compare all twelve maps; there’s also prints for sale!

Everybody loves Soldier Dick.  (at Soldier Dick Pub)

Everybody loves Soldier Dick. (at Soldier Dick Pub)

Canal side.

Canal side.

Ramps.  (at Great Northern, Manchester)

Ramps. (at Great Northern, Manchester)